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Lilly Pilly investigates a parcel
Lilly Pilly checks out her new bed.
Lilly Pilly on her Barka Parka dog bed
Lilly Pilly spreads out on her Barka Parka pet bed
 Lilly Pilly relaxed on her Barka Parka dog bed
Really stretched out!
Alert - but comfortable!
This is Lilly Pilly from Brisbane.
She's a Schnoodle (Schnauzer x Poodle).
We'íre not sure who opened the parcel, but we're sure about what Lilly thinks of the contents!


Name: Lilly Pilly
Breed: Schnoodle
Home: Brisbane, QLD
Weight: 5kg
Length: Unknown
Bed Size: 40
Bed Style: Delux Set
Colour: Rosita top, Brown sides
with Purple piping
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