Dog Bed Inner Mattress

The Dog Bed Inner Mattress acts like a bed mattress

The Dog bed Inner mattress houses the polystyrene bean filling.
Slipcover fits over the Inner Mattress to protect it from dirt and hairs. 

The Inner Mattress is machine washable but will rarely need washing as it's protected by the Slipcover.
Made from the same Poly/cotton twill fabric as the Slip-cover.

Main Features:

1. Round dog bed shapeDog bed inner mattress is round in shape

  • A round pet bed is the best shape for your cat or dog.
  • It spreads your pet’s weight evenly creating a supporting wall, whether they lie curled up or stretched out on their Barka Parka.
  • Pets feel secure and comfortable in a round nest. They instinctively do this in the wild with leaves and bark.
  • A round dog bed ensures the bean filling distributes evenly to make a round even ‘nest’ or ‘basket’ with no corners to chew!


2. Polystyrene bean fillingDog bed inner mattress bean filling

  • Polystyrene beans mould to your pet’s shape providing them with excellent support and comfort.
  • The beans roll over each other making it easy for your pet to make a ‘nest’ unlike foam or flat frame beds. Your pet can poke, pad and prod to make a nest just right for them.
  • Have you ever had your pet “steal” your human bean chair? That’s because pets love the comfort of the beans.


Dog bed inner mattress safety zipper

3. Zip and safety tag

  • A 35cm zip allows easy top-ups and refills of your pet’s bean bed. 
  • The zip tag has been removed to prevent inhaling or swallowing the beans.  One less item that your pet will find and chew.
  • Just use a paper-clip to open the zip. 



Dog bed inner mattress reinforced seams and gusseted sides

4. Reinforced seams

Seams are double-sewn (French seams) and over-locked for extra strength and durability.

5. Gusseted sides

The sides are gusseted to maintain the bed’s shape and depth just like your own mattress.


6. Tabs

Dog bed inner mattress tabs for hangingDog bed inner mattress hanging on washing line


Tabs are sewn either side of the zip opening.

Tabs make it easy for you to hang up the Inner on the line to dry or give it an airing whilst the Slip-cover is being washed.