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Barka Parka pet bean bag beds
A Great Dane looking down at a ChihuahuaMeasuring a dog for a pet bedA dog on scales.

Our promise

We promise to make a pet bed to fit your pet regardless of its size. With 10 sizes to choose from every pet breed from Cats to Great Danes is assured of having the perfectly sized pet bed for them to enjoy year-round comfort and a lifetime of support for their body and weight.

Why measure your pet?

  • Every Barka Parka pet bed is tailor-made to order to fit each fit individually. Your pet's weight and length are very important to determine the ideal sized pet bed to ensure they have maximum room and support.
  • We have 11 sizes so that your pet is fitted with a bed that suits their individual needs.
  • We believe that choosing a pet bed should be done with as much care and consideration as you would give in choosing a bed for yourself.

Have a puppy? or not fully grown pet?

A Barka Parka bean bed will last the lifetime of your pet. Order a bed size appropriate to your puppy's adult breed size. Your puppy will have a great start to life and grow into it over time.
Refer to our Recommended sizes guide.
Just type in your pet's breed to find a recommended adult sized pet bed.
How to measure your pet

How to calculate the ideal bed size for your pet

Our range of 11 pet bean bed sizes measure between 25 inches (63cm) and 58 inches (148cm) in diameter. View a full chart of our pet bed dimensions.

All our sizes have been carefully and "scientifically" calculated using International Breed Standards ensuring each and every pet has room to stretch and has full support for their weight.

Follow these 3 easy steps:

  • sticker- number 1  Measure your pet's LENGTH as shown in fig 1 and refer to the LENGTH column below.

  • sticker- number 2  Weigh your dog and refer to the WEIGHT column below. tip icon

    dog_standing_on_a_scaleSMALL or MEDIUM pets:

    Step 1: Weigh yourself (EEEk!) and record your weight (A)
    Step 2: Now weigh yourself whilst holding your pet. Record the weight (B)
    Step 3: Subtract A from B. Ths will be your pet's weight.

    Large pets - we recommend you contact your vet for their last recorded weight or take them to the vet to be weighed. Most vets will be happy to do this for you.

  • sticker- number 3  Cross check the WEIGHT and LENGTH to the BED SIZE column

Collar to tail = LENGTHBODY
how to measure your dog diagramUp to 16cm25Up to 5kg
17 to 28306 to 9kg
29 to 41cm3510 to 16kg
42 to 54cm4017 to 23kg
53 to 66cm4524 to 36kg
65 to 78cm5037 to 43kg
65 to 78cm50+over 44kg
79 to 91cm5544 to 49kg
79 to 91cm55+over 50kg
92 to 99cm5850 to 55kg
Measure from the base of the neck to the start of the tailover 99cm58+over55kg

questionmark icon If you get different answers then the LARGEST is the appropriate sized bed for your pet.
If in doubt, check your answer using the Recommended sizes guide

questionmark iconStill need help?
Submit your question or call us on (03) 9016 3394 anytime.