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Barka Parka pet bean bag beds
Latte a Labrador on his new bean bag bedMolly, a Jack Russell on his bean bag bedZach a Black Labrador on his large bean bag bed
 Colour ideas - Main categories


We believe your pet's bed should look great in your home and match your decor.
No more ugly embarrasing doggy prints or dull colours.
Now you can have a pet bed that suits your decor, that you can be proud to show friends and visitors.

To help you design your pet's bean bag bed, here are some photos of colours that some of our pet owners have chosen for their pet's Barka Parka pet bed.

All our pet beds are made to order so when the beds are made up ready to despatch, we take a "snapshot" of them and add them to this page. (we are not professional photographers as you can probably tell!)
We felt it would give you some ideas of the many combinations possible and what others have ordered.
Hope it helps you to choose a colour combination for your pet's bed.

Select a SHADE colour:


Reds / Pinksicons_next

Green pet bean bag bed


Brown pet bean bed with Black piping


Grey and Graphite pet bean bed

Grey / Blackicons_next

Purple pet bean bag bed

Blue / Purpleicons_next

Yellow and Red pet bean bed

Yellow /Orangeicons_next

Black and Grey stripe pet bed


We will send you a swatch of Barka Parka fabric colours<br> to help you decide for your pet bed.
Want to SEE the exact colours,
FEEL the quality?
Simply complete our
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of all our fabric colours.