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Barka Parka pet bean bag beds
Doona insert for a Barka Parka doggy doona coverStandard doggy doona.Matching pet bean bag and doggy doona

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Some Colour ideas

Delux Doggy Doona set in All Fawn with Baby Pink piping

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Delux Doggy Doona

A Delux Doggy Doona set includes a doona insert
and doona cover edged in piping. Designed to be used with your pet's
Barka Parka Delux bean bed. Replace those old smelly blankets.

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N.B. Our Doggy doonas are doonas in the true sense and are NOT intended or suitable as stand-alone beds for pets. Can only be ordered with a Barka Parka pet bed OR if your pet owns a Barka Parka pet bed.


Does your pet feel the cold nights? Sick of smelly old blankets?
Our Doggy doonas are designed to use with a Barka Parka pet bed.  Just like your own doona and cover on your bed!   The cover is made of the same fabric as our pet beds.  Easy to remove and wash!   No more ugly, smelly blankets.  Match to your pet's Barka Parka bean bed.

FEATURES Includes a Doona insert with
a Doona Cover edged in PIPING
NO ODOUR OR FLEAS!!! Doona Cover resists hair and dirt penetrating the doona and its filling.
Doona Cover has opening with snap-fasteners
WASHABILITYFULLY MACHINE WASHABLE - both the doona insert and cover can be machine washed.
N.B. The insert would only need washing occassionally as it is protected from dirt and hairs by the doona cover.
MATERIAL Doona Insert:
Japara outer with 300gsm wool/polyester filling
Doona cover: Same fabric as our pet beds. Poly/cotton Twill
GUARANTEETWO YEARS against odours, fleas and claw damage
MADE AND DESIGNED In Australia by Barka Parka

Save 20% on the Second Doona cover when you order a Super set with TWO covers. Also available as a  SUPER Delux Doggy Doona set
with TWO Doona covers.
Save 20% on the price of the second cover!
Have one in the wash and one on the Doona so your pet is never without it!

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FEEL the quality?
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