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Barka Parka pet bean bag beds
This is the Inner bean bag that holds the polystyrine beansThis is the Slip-cover that goes over the Inner bean bagStandard pet bean bed in Eau-de-nil and Forest.
Our unique pet bed design

Our unique Barka Parka design has remained unchanged for 36 years. The original design has proven time and time again to be unique and long-lasting.
The original Barka Parka pet bed designed and made in 1976 by Marion and Janet is still being used by their Labradors.
We believe that pets deserve a bed as comfortable as our own, should look great and be easy to maintain just like our own beds and linen.
That is why our pet beds are designed to replicate a bed mattress and fitted sheet.
It basically consists of a Mattress which we call an Inner Mattress and a fitted sheet which we call a Slip-cover.

Each pet bed consists of 2 main pieces:


The Inner mattress contains the polystyrene bean filling and acts like a bed mattress.
The sides are gussetted to maintain the bed's shape and depth. Read more about specific features ...

no.2   Slip-cover

The Slip-cover goes over the mattress like a fitted sheet to keep the Inner Mattress clean from dirt and hairs.

Elasticized like a fitted sheet so it's Easy to take off! Easy to wash! and Easy to put back on!
  Read more about the unique Easy to wash! features ...

<center>This is an enlarged view of the Inner mattress which holds the bean filling.</center> <center>An enlarged view of our unique elasticated Easy to remove! Easy to wash! Slip-cover.<br />It goes over the Inner mattress just like a fitted sheet to protect it from dirt and hairs.</center>

Click on  black circle 16x16 to enlarge view of each feature.

How do they go together?

[Click on images to view slideshow]

<center>Grasp the Inner mattress from the centre top to make a ball. Place ball in the center of the Slip-cover.</center><center>Whilst holding the ball, lift the sides of the Slip-cover evenly over the Inner mattress. </center> <center>Now you have assembled the bed all you have to do is 'make' it!</center>

The Inner mattress goes inside the Slip-cover

<center>Turn the bed over. Now pick up the bed by grasping it in the centre grabbing both<br />the Slip-cover and Inner mattress through the fabric and .....</center><center>Hold it high above the floor and .... DROP! <br />This helps the beans distribute evenly throughout the bed.</center> <center>Your pet's bed is now 'made' and ready for your pet to nestle into.</center>

Turn the bed over, Grab and DROP!!


What filling do we use?

[Click on image to enlarge]

  • Our pet beds are filled with polystyrene beans.
  • Beans mould to your pet's shape providing maximum support and comfort.
  • Your pet can poke, pad and prod to make a nest just right for them.
  • They are also light-weight making it easy to carry your pet's bed from room to room.
  • We use and recommend polystyrene beans easily available from large retail stores such as Target, Big W and K-Mart.
    These are high quality beans that are of a uniform shape and size.   Because the beads are all the same shape they shift around and over each other when your pet "nests" in the bean bed. They also last longer.


Why use a Round Shape?

[Click on image to enlarge]

<center>This is Sasston, a Bichoodle on his Standard bed in Eau-de-nil top and Forest sides. <br />See how the bed shapes around his body to form a nest.</center>
  • A round bed is the best shape for your cat or dog.
    It ensures the bean filling distributes evenly to form a 'nest' or 'basket' for your pet.
  • Dogs feel most secure and comfortable in a round nest and instinctively do this in the wild with leaves and bark.
  • A round pet bed allows the bean filling to distribute evenly with no
    corners or uneven areas for your dog to chew!

With square or rectangular beds, the beans flow to one end or collect in corners. This makes your pet's bed very uneven, uncomfortable and creates rigid corners. Your dog will be tempted to chew the corners and the bed to make it comfortable!


Superior fabric

  • We use a premium quality poly/cotton Twill.  
  • Both the Mattress and the Slip-cover are made from this fabric.
  • The dense 5-WAY weave of the fabric prevents dirt and hairs penetrating into the filling.   The hairs and dirt just sit on top of the fabric and easily brush off.  It's the hairs that carry the doggy smells and the flea eggs, thus:

  • CLAW-PROOF, even cats!   Pets need to poke and prod their bed to make a nest. Our fabric will resist claws.  We GUARANTEE IT!
  • Fade resistant.   The fabric has a crease resistant and crease recovery finish which helps maintain the garment's overall smartness and appearance.
  • Extremely durable and hardwearing, yet so comfortable and looks smart. It is used by both the army for their uniforms and companies for their corporate wear. The original Barka Parka made in 1976 by Janet and Marion is still being used now by their seventh generation Labrador, Velvet, 36 years later.