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Barka Parka pet bean bag beds
Pile of spare slip-covers for your pet bedPet bed and doona set.Lady, a cute Chihuahua under her doona on her Snug pet bed.
Pet bed accessories

Image Australian made triangle swing tagAll our products are designed exclusively by Barka Parka and personally made by us in Australia.
We use a superior, durable yet comfortable Polycotton twill fabric.   This fabric resists pet hairs and dirt penetrating through to other surfaces. Easy to wash, fade and crease resistant, this fabric retains it's superior qualities even after years of use and laundering.  It even resists claw damage. We GUARANTEE it!!

Choose from a variety of matching accessories to suit your pet and co-ordinate with your dècor.
Please feel free to ask us if you have a special need, would like a variation or have a new idea.


Dritop potects your pet's bed for incontinent pets

Waterproof protector for your pet's bed. Ideal for elderly pets who are incontinent
or females in season



Spare slip-cover for your pet bed.

Spare slip-covers for your pet's bed. Replace a worn out Slip-cover or have a spare one when the other is in the wash.


Standard Doggy Doona

Standard pet doona cover and insert.

Keep your pet warm this Winter. Sick of smelly old blankets? Doona insert with washable
PLAIN doona cover


Delux Doggy Doona

Delux Doggy doona and cover in All Rosita and pink gingham piping

Keep your pet warm this Winter. Sick of smelly old blankets? Doona insert with washable
cover edged in PIPING


Spare Doona Covers

Delux spare Doggy cover in All Rosita and pink gingham piping

Replace a worn out Doona cover or have one cover on your pet's doona and one in the wash

Save 20% on the Second Doona cover when you order a Super Doggy Doona set with TWO  doona covers.

Super Doggy Doona sets

Choose a Doggy Doona with TWO Doona Covers
  Have one in the wash and one on your pet's doona.

Super set comes with TWO Slip-covers

Includes a Doona insert
and TWO Doona Covers.

Receive 20% off the price
of the second Doona Cover.

Choose a different colour
for each Doona Cover.

Choose a Standard or Delux.