Our Dog Bed Design

Barka Parka dog bed design still popular after 40 years

The original dog bed design has proven time and time again to be unique and long-lasting.
The dog bed designed and made in 1976 by Marion and Janet is still being used by their Labradors.
Barka Parka believe that pets deserve a bed as comfortable as your bed; should look great and be easy to maintain just like your own bed and linen.
That is why Barka Parka dog beds are designed to replicate a bed mattress and fitted sheet.


Each pet bed set consists of two parts:

   Inner Mattress

  • The Inner mattress contains the polystyrene bean filling and acts like a bed mattress.
  • The sides are gusseted to maintain the bed’s shape and depth.
  • Zip for easy top-ups and refills or to empty to wash.
  • Tabs to hang on the line to air.

  Easy to wash Slipcover

  • The Slip-cover goes over the mattress like a fitted sheet to keep the Inner Mattress clean from dirt and hairs.
  • Elasticized like a fitted sheet. Easy to slip on and off!
    No zips or poppers to struggle with.  So you're more likely to wash it regularly.
  • Crease resistant fabric. No need to iron.

dog bed inner and slipcover


How the Slipcover was designed

light bulbThe Slipcover was designed by Janet, one of the founders of Barka Parka. Her sister Marion was struggling in the laundry trying to get an all over cover off a pet bed to wash. She was complaining about it to Janet who was making her bed upstairs.
As Janet was putting the fitted sheet on her mattress she had a “light bulb” moment – “I could make the pet bed cover elasticated like this fitted sheet”.
Being a canny seamstress she got to on her sewing machine and made a trial slipcover. It was a great success. Her sister loved it and so did many friends. Thus the unique Barka Parka slipcover was born.


NO odours! NO fleas!

  • Barka Parka uses a premium quality poly/cotton Twill fabric. The dense weave of the fabric stops pet hairs and dirt from penetrating through the fabric into the inner filling.
  • Cat and dog hairs, even stiff ones, just sit on the top of the Slipcover. Most other pet beds use thin or open weave fabrics which allow hairs and dirt to get into the filling which causes odours and fleas to breed. It’s the hairs that carry the doggy smells and flea eggs.
  • Hairs won’t stick to the fabric. Easily just brush, vacuum or shake off!


Reinforced Seams

  • Side seams are double sewn to give extra strength and durability.
  • Other seams are overlocked then oversewn on the outside for extra strength and durability.


How do the Inner Mattress and Slipcover go together?

Watch the video to see easy it is to put the Slipcover on the Inner Mattress.