Snug Dog Beds - with a pouch for dogs who love to burrow| Made in Australia Barka Parka

Snug dog bed with a pouch for burrowingThe Snug Dog Bed features a Slipcover with a pouch.  It has an extra layer of fabric for dogs who love to burrow under blankets, doonas etc.  Mainly popular with small to medium breeds such as Jack Russells, Staffies and Terrier breeds.  

Choose your own combination of colours for the top, side, pouch and pouch trim from a wide range of  fabric colours.

There are 11 dog bed sizes available to ensure every pet has maximum room and support.

Choose the bed size according to your pet's weight.

Save 20% on the price of an extra cover when ordered with a Snug dog bed set.  Choose any colours for each Slipcover.