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Making dog beds for over 40 years

Labrador has outgrown his dog bed

Labrador now comfy on his Barka Parka dog bed

Barka Parka began as a hobby in Australia in 1976. Simon’s late mother, Marion, had a Labrador, Lucas. By the age of 11 months, he had outgrown his basket - the biggest available. Marion had trouble finding a substitute. Nothing that could be bought seemed to fit the bill - or the dog! With her sister Janet she concluded that the only solution was to make a bed themselves.

In making that bed they created an entirely new concept in bean bags and dog beds. They made them not only comfortable and easy to keep clean, but stylish enough to grace any room in the house.  A friend asked them to make a dog bed for her dog….. And a friend of hers …….. And then another friend did and so on…  and thus Barka Parka dog beds was born..

Since then they have never deviated from the principle of producing a quality product that anyone is proud to have in their home!

As a cottage industry they developed Barka Parka so successfully in Australia that they seriously considered producing the beds full time.  But as so often happens, fate intervened - Lucas died suddenly in 1985 and they returned to England.  Before long new friends wanted a Barka Parka dog bed and the business resumed once again! Now “the girls” have been joined by their youngest sister Brenda. 


Barka Parka in Australia

In 1991 Simon, who is adopted travelled from Australia to the UK to find his birth mother, Marion. He ended up joining the family business and staying with them for 7 years.  Soon after returning to Australia in 1997, he met his now wife and business partner, Kara. Together they have re-established Barka Parka in Melbourne - where it all began in 1976. Their two rescue Bichons, Sasston and Mccartney have now joined the Barka Parka clan. 

Since its inception, Barka Parka has flourished in a very competitive market because we satisfy the market’s long standing need for an eye-pleasing bed that lasts.  Many of their clients in both the U.K. and Australia come back to Barka Parka for extra beds as their families expand.  Barka Parka has regularly supplied a famous London store, famous people and exported to many countries around the world

The original bed that started it all so many years ago is still in daily use with its eighth owner. It’s become a family heirloom!  As each new owner has come to live with Janet and Brenda, he has snuggled into it and become an instant Barka Parka addict - just like Lucas!



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