Dog Bed Colour Ideas

Dog bed colour ideas to inspire you

  • We believe your dog’s bed should look great in your home and match your décor, your pet or whatever takes your fancy.
  • No more ugly embarrassing doggy prints or dull colours. No fake fur which clings to dirt and hair.
  • AT LAST you can have a dog bed that suits your décor and that you can be proud to show friends and visitors.
    We like to think the Barka Parka is “The dog bed you’d be proud to have your Mother in Law find in your living room!”
  • Here are some snaps of the colour combinations customers have chosen for their Barka Parka pet bed, to help you design your cat or dog's bed, 

 dog bed in grey and graphite

 dog bed in peacock and royal

 Dog bed in Pebble brown colour

 Dog bed in green

 Dog bed in red

 Dog bed in black grey stripe fabric

 Dog bed in yellow and red