We offer a TWO year guarantee

At Barka Parka we are so confident of the quality of our product’s workmanship and their durability, that we offer a full TWO (2) YEAR guarantee against normal wear and tear, claw damage, persistent odours and flea infestation. Our two year guarantee covers only products made by Barka Parka. Products included are: Pet bed sets, Spare Slipcovers, Doggy Doonas, Furniture Throws, Lap Rugs and Decor cushions.


Terms and Conditions

  • Workmanship:

    Barka Parka will repair or replace, at our discretion, any product within the 2 year warranty period which has any defect in materials (excluding beans), manufacture or construction of the product. This does not cover normal wear and tear, weather ageing, accidental damage or any misuse of the product.

  • Persistent Odours:

    We guarantee that your Barka Parka will remain odour free providing that the Slip-cover is washed regularly (at least every two (2) weeks. The Slip-Cover is designed to be, and must be, washed regularly. Regular washing is vital to maintain an odour-free, flea-free status and to ensure the bed will stay clean and fresh for generations.

  • Flea Infestation:

    We guarantee that the bed will not attract fleas or ticks.

  • Claw Damage:

    The Poly/cotton twill used in our products is very closely woven so we will promise that your pet’s claws will not damage the fabric or pull threads.


  • Bean Filling:

    Barka Parka’s guarantee does not cover the beans, as they compress over time in normal use.
    When purchasing a Fill-it-yourself set, it is a condition of our guarantee that only NEW virgin polystyrene beans be used to fill the Barka Parka Inner Mattress. Used beans may be previously contaminated with foreign bodies such as hairs, dirt and flea eggs.

  • Chewing:

    We do not guarantee against damage to our products caused by your pet’s teeth.